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This new elective module has been designed for students of all faculties who wish to get a compact and solid expertise on the World’s 5th largest country and 8th economy, its legendary diversity, thrilling culture, but also its challenges with universal impact. In addition, students will acquire basic reading and communication skills in Brazilian Portuguese, the third most spoken European language in the World. The module targets at students who already studied the Spanish-speaking part of Latin America and wish to extend this knowledge to the continents biggest power, but also at those who are interested in studying global challenges and tendencies, especially with regard to problem-solving strategies in developing countries and North-South relations, for all of which Brazil is a show case. Furthermore, it is an offer for those who wish to build competences in a truly interdisciplinary approach of Area Studies, learning to command a broad range of theories and methods and training to take over other perspectives and to practice interculturality. Last, it is a package customized for those who plan to include a Brazilian aspect in their thesis, or even those who pretend to study, do an internship, or carry out field work in Brazil. 

The elective module consists of two courses (you can do both or just one of the two, including the second one without having done the first):


Brazil – Language and Culture

This course introduces to the history of Brazil in contrast to Spanish-speaking Latin America. This provides the basis to understand the roots of the big current issues under debate in the structural formation of the country. Insights into Brazil’s rich production in music, film, and literature lead into the cultural imaginary of how to overcome these challenges and create a better “country of the future”. These topics are interwoven with targeted language preparation in Portuguese and training to read original text or to work with data samples.

Textbook, jornalistic and scientific articles, online databases, audiovisual material, among others.

The elective module consists of two courses (Fall and Spring, 15 ECTS each) but students can also select to take only one of them. It is perfectly possible to study only the second one (Spring) without having done the first (Fall). All contents can be adapted to the students’ needs and interests.

Kurset udbydes til alle kandidatstuderende på Institut for Engelsk, Germansk og Romansk, samt som KA-tilvalg for studerende fra andre institutter.
Det kan tages som en del af studiemønstret Brasilienstudier eller som frit emnekursus.

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