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The aim of this module is to equip you with knowledge and understanding of the origins, dissemination, diversity and complexity of the Anglophone world. This includes the emergence and spread of Anglophone literatures as well as significant historical, political and social issues. You will learn to reflect on and develop your understanding of complementary historical and literary topics spanning the Middle Ages, the early modern period and the long nineteenth century. We will view these themes from regional, national, transatlantic and global perspectives. The module enables you to understand and navigate significant periods in the development of the Anglophone world, including the emergence of print culture and the expansion of empires. It allows you to understand the significant periods of English literature and literary history, to acquire new strategies for analysing textual genres and stylistic devices, and to frame particular texts within broader literary traditions and historical settings. The module incorporates discussions and readings related to historical writing, critical thinking, and recent historical research methods. You will be encouraged to consider these periods and developments in dialogue with what you have studied in LIHC 1.


This module consists of two parallel parts, one historical and one literary, each with a weekly lecture followed by a two-hour seminar. Since the module incorporates both chronological and thematic aspects, the contents of the two parts run in loose parallel, though common texts and reference points will be incorporated. The module thus enables you to reflect on the application and relevance of different approaches, theories, and methods. By following the module courseplan and assignments, you will acquire a nuanced understanding of complex historical and literary issues. This module will teach you how to apply and critically evaluate relevant knowledge of the origin and dissemination of Anglophone texts in literary, historical and cultural processes across the periods studied. You will also be encouraged to reflect critically on the driving forces behind English as a global language, just as you will develop skills in literary and historical analyses related to the humanities, including digital humanities, relevant for your own written work.



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The three LIHC modules in the BA curriculum introduce you to the study of literature, history, and culture in the Anglophone world. These three modules are organised in such a way that we take a point of departure in the modern and contemporary world in LIHC 1 (module 2), then pursue historical developments and the literary canon in LIHC 2 (module 4), before we return to modern and contemporary perspectives in LIHC 3 (module 6).

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