Interdisciplinary Elective Subject, topic 3: Transatlantic Feminisms

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This course will consider some of the most important debates and trends in feminist theory over the last five decades.  We will consider the intersections of academic and popular, intellectual and activist dimensions of feminist literary theory. In particular, we will focus on French Feminism and its influence in the US, the rise of the Wages for Housework Movement in Italy, and in the relations of race and gender theory forged in the US.  In the last weeks of the course, we will look at some of the new debates in Queer and Trans theory and ask about how they build on the feminist history we have explored. In each case, we will foreground our specialty as ENGEROM scholars able to think in detail about how feminist ideas have travelled back and forth between Europe and the US, both through literal and cultural translation.  Is feminism truly a transatlantic phenomenon?  What happens to some of these key texts as they move from one language to another?  How are the debates about individual differences and rights, and the impact of race, specific to the US, French, Italian, or German contexts?  Where are the archives of feminism held in these different national settings?

Classes will involve a lecture followed by a seminar discussion. Attendance and participation very strongly encouraged.

Our key theoretical authors will include:  Simone de Beauvoir, Julia Kristeva, Toril Moi, Luce Irigaray, Mariarosa Dalla Costa, Silvia Federici, Cherrie Moraga, Judith Butler, Adriana Cavarero, Sophie Lewis, and Sara Ahmed. Alongside shorter essays and chapters by these authors, we will read full works of life writing by Angela Davis, Gloria Anzaldua, Christa Wolf, and Annie Ernaux. Students who can, will be expected to read these works in their original languages (English, Spanish, German, French) and to contribute to discussions about their translation.  Written work may be submitted in English, Danish, German, Italian, or French.

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