Gendered Innovations in public and private institutions (SUMMER 2024)

Course content

The course aims to develop innovative and sustainable analytical models for collaboration on cases and innovation projects between the University of Copenhagen (KU) and various relevant external institutions and organizations.

The course has been developed as part of the interdisciplinary Gender Certificate initiative at KU and is conducted in collaboration with several private and public organizations interested in integrating case studies on gender and diversity into their business. This means that during the course, students will collaborate with these companies to address the prepared cases.

This involves independently preparing a case response for the company/institution, for example, through visits to the company, collecting relevant quantitative and qualitative data, and preparing a visual and oral presentation.


The objectives of the course are:

  • To create opportunities for developing innovative organizational initiatives related to gender and diversity in organizations, such as recruitment, advancement, workplace culture, etc.
  • To develop models for innovative solutions and products and services where gender and diversity are considered from start to finish: from the idea, through production, to the user's perspective.
  • The course includes both theoretical introductions to gender, diversity, and intersectionality, as well as relevant academic and organizational introductions to the cases that are part of the course. Additionally, it involves facilitating practical collaborative processes with the participating organizations.


The course is based on the research and innovation strategies developed in the Gendered Innovations project, which has mapped the importance of gender and diversity. This project demonstrates that an analytical approach to gender and diversity can contribute to a better understanding of the needs, behaviors, and attitudes regarding different services and products. You can learn more about the Gendered Innovations project at


The Course will run in english

Week 33+34 (mondays, wednedsdays and fridays from 10-15)


BA/MA elective


Viden, organisation og politik
Kultur, livsstil og hverdagsliv

Learning outcome


  • Introduction to sex/gender and intersectional analysis
  • Knowledge of gender and diversity in organizations
  • Knowledge of innovation processes and interdisciplinary group work
  • Basic knowledge of presentation techniques



  • Investigate and (re)formulate a problem/case in collaboration with relevant stakeholders and by using different perspectives
  • Collect, assess, and incorporate feedback to qualify solutions in a specific context
  • Apply methods and develop creative solutions related to gendered innovations in private and public institutions



  • Ability to collaborate with external partners in an innovative process
  • Participate in processes that generate innovative solutions by involving different stakeholders
  • Skills to identify sex/gender aspects and analytical dimensions in problem-solving and solution development based on the students' disciplinary backgrounds
  • Communicate potential solutions to a relevant audience and partners

Students are expected to allocate time for group work, conduct minor fieldwork, and maintain a professional approach to casework and tasks in the involved institutions during the weeks the course runs.

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Continuous feedback during the course of the semester
7,5 ECTS
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Written assignment, passed - not passed

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7,5 ECTS
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Full Degree Master
Department of Sociology, Study Council
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  • Department of Sociology
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  • Faculty of Social Sciences
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  • Hilda Rømer Christensen   (3-6b756643767266316e7831676e)
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