Pharma I - Drug Discovery and Preclinical Development

Course content

This course gives an overview of the pre-clinical phase of discovery and development of medical drugs. The participants will be able to communicate professionally with the various specialist groups within the area of drug development. The topics taught are:

  • Target evaluation and biopharmaceuticals

  • Identification of lead structures

  • Medicinal chemistry: Lead optimization and synthesis

  • Non-clinical safety

  • Animal biology and pharmacology


BRIDGE - Translational Excellence Programme


Learning outcome

On completion of the course, the participants should be able to:


  • Give a comprehensive overview of the pre-clinical phase of discovery and development of medicines
  • Identify correct professional terms in drug discovery and pre-clinical development of medicines
  • List major steps and elements of the pre-clinical drug development process
  • Outline definitions of key concepts and the fundamentals of the major disciplines in drug discovery and pre-clinical development



  • Appraise the integration of the various basic disciplines into the process of discovery and pre-clinical development of medicines
  • Analyse the sequence and flow of the various steps in the process of drug discovery and pre-clinical development



  • Liaise with all steps of drug discovery and pre-clinical development
  • Identify critical factors and bottlenecks that influence the pre-clinical drug development process
  • Promote and state milestones for the progress of the pre-clinical development of a medical product
  • Communicate professionally with the various specialist groups within the area of development of medicines

The course is organized as an intensive five day course comprising lectures, group discussions, and case studies; followed by self-planned group work ending with presentations and discussions the following Friday afternoon.

Course literature is published on Absalon.


Course literature includes:
Drug Discovery and Development. Technology in Transition, 2nd edition Humphrey P. Rang, Churchill Livingstone, 978-0443064203.

The Textbook of Pharmaceutical Medicine, 7th edition, 2013. John P. Griffin (Editor), John Posner (Editor), Geoffrey R. Barker (Editor) Blackwell BMJ Books serves as supplementary reading.

Participants must meet the admission criteria in BRIDGE - Translational Excellence Programme

Continuous feedback during the course of the semester
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Continuous assessment
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Attendance and active participation
All aids allowed
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Criteria for exam assessment

Active contribution and course participation according to the BRIDGE Guidelines.

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Part Time Master
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15 participants
Study Board for the Professionel Master´s Degree Programmes at The Faculty og Health and Medical Science
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  • Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology
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  • Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
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  • Anders Bach   (11-657268697677326665676c4477797268326f7932686f)
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