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This course is designed to improve the written and spoken English of law students. The instructors will provide detailed strategies for developing productive work habits as law students and future lawyers writing in English. Among other areas, the course will cover how to write an exam or research assignment in English, how to draft a legal memo, and strategies for reading cases in English jurisdictions. The course will outline techniques for increasing students’ vocabulary as well as covering commonly misunderstood words and phrases derived from English-speaking legal jurisdictions.  Students will learn how to avoid common mistakes of non-native speakers and use their knowledge of other languages as a platform for excellent English writing.

The course will follow the textbook: Dothan, S., 2023. How to Master English as a Multilingual. Edward Elgar Publishing.


Bachelor Students and Master Level

Learning outcome

Students can expect a significant improvement in their ability to write and to present in English. Comprehension while reading or listening is also expected to improve. Most importantly, the course provides a detailed blueprint for how non-native speakers can continuously enhance their mastery of the English language.

Participants are expected to attend classes and to join the discussion in class. Additionally, participants are encouraged to give short presentations to the group and to send samples of their writing to the instructor for detailed comments and feedback.

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