Cancelled GUS, Global Urban Studies: Copenhagen and a World of Cities (F23)

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This introduction to urban humanities uses Copenhagen – its modern history, its spaces, its cultures – as a window through which to explore the global processes, structures and phenomena that characterize urban life in the 21st Century.

In close collaboration with a major Danish architectural and urban planning firm, the course employs urban theory, ethnography, textual analysis and global urban history on topics such as gentrification, co-existence and segregation, (post-)Fordism and neoliberalism, place making, colonial legacies, creative city discourses, ‘export’ of ‘the idea of Copenhagen’ around the world, etc.

The overall question for the course is this: in a world that is both globalized and urbanized, how can we study a supposedly typical Danish or Nordic city in a global (and thus non-Eurocentric) fashion? As such, the course will foster a critical awareness of the interrelations between cultural imaginaries, material conditions and the built environment.

The course is offered through the Global Urban Studies Master’s Elective ( and is open to all BA- and MA-level students who will be awarded 15 ECTS upon passing the exam.


Offered by:

  • Programme curriculum The Bachelor’s elective study in Global Urban Studies 2019
  • Programme curriculum The Master’s elective study in Global Urban Studies 2019


Students from any discipline interested in urban studies from Humanities-anchored and interdisciplinary approaches.

Learning outcome

BA-tilvalg i Global Urban Studies 2019-studieordning:
Global Urban Studies (aktivitetskode HTÆB10231E)

KA-tilvalg i Global Urban Studies, 2019-studieordningen:
Global Urban Studies (aktivitetskode HTÆK13011E)

Exchange students BA level:
Global Urban Studies (activity code HTÆB10231E)

Exchange students MA level:
Global Urban Studies (activity code HTÆK13011E)

Lectures, seminars and fieldtrips with active participation of students, followed by individual study plan leading up to exam.

A reading plan will be announced on Absalon.           

Good English skills required. Note that students are expected to participate actively in all seminars and lectures.

This course is recommended (but not required) for students interested in the summer schools connected to the Global Urban Studies program:

Feedback by final exam (In addition to the grade)
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1 semester

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  • Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
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  • Faculty of Humanities
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