EU Regulation of Listed Companies

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The regulation of listed companies within the EU is increasingly done by EU-law either directly by regulation or indirectly by directives. By definition, this EU-regulation is identical within the EU and the course aims to provide an understanding of this body of law that enables the students to understand the main tenets of the law applicable to listed companies in all Member States. The course covers central areas of regulation such as company law, corporate
governance, listing and prospectuses, takeovers, and market abuse.

Learning outcome


  • Knowledge of the regulation of listed companies, notably in respect of company law, corporate governance, listing and prospectuses, takeovers, and market abuse.
  • Knowledge of the main considerations behind the regulation of listed companies.
  • Knowledge of fundamental EU law on legislation, supervision, and conflict resolution.
  • Knowledge of the structure and competences of EU legislative, supervisory and judicial authorities



  • How to work with EU-law on listed companies
  • How to identify and analyse relevant sources of EU-law on listed companies



  • The student will be able to advise on the application of EU law on listed companies, work with compliance or work in a public capacity as supervisor or judge.

Group work and presentation on court cases. Online quiz. Writing a test exam and debating it afterwards.

Continuous feedback during the course of the semester
Peer feedback (Students give each other feedback)

Online quiz with instant feedback. Presenting court cases in class. Writing a test exam that is afterwards debated in class.

7,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Written examination, 4 hours under invigilation
Written exam, 4 hours with invigilation
Only certain aids allowed

The following websites are permitted to access during the exam:

Digital Exam:  


Ministry of Taxation:

The Danish Parliament:



Gyldendal's dictionaries:

The EU Court of Justice website:

Danish courts ' website:

EURLEX, which is the EU legal database:

The Danish Parliament for legislation and legislative processes:

The Danish FSA website, which contains legislative material and administrative decisions:

The Danish business authority, which is as No. 4:

Esma'S website, which also contains legal material and guidelines (i.e. instructions):

EBAs website, as No. 6:

EIOPAs website, as No. 6:

Marking scale
7-point grading scale
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No external censorship

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