International Presentation (BCS)

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The seminar is a collaborative course undertaken with students and teachers from the Freie Universität Berlin. The aim is to give students seminar/conference presentation skills and also the toolkit to achieve research results about a given topic in a given time period. The students from Copenhagen prepare papers for presentation in Berlin (in English), after which the students from Berlin will likewise present their papers in Copenhagen, also in English.

The topic for 2021/22 will be “How we become who we are: learning and socialization in ancient societies”


Fagstudieordning Kandidatuddannelserne i nærorientalsk arkæologi, assyriologi og ægyptologi, 2019

Fagstudieordning Kandidattilvalg i assyriologi, nærorientalsk arkæologi, ægyptologi, 2019

Learning outcome

KA 2019-studieordning: International Presentation
Nærorientalsk Arkæologi (aktivitetskode HNAK03501E)
Assyriologi (aktivitetskode HASK03501E)

KA-tilvalg 2019-studieordning: International presentation
Nærorientalsk Arkæologi (aktivitetskode HNAK13501E)
Assyriologi (aktivitetskode HASK13501E)

Discussion in class about the general topic, presentation methods etc.; students will research their particular academic problem related to the general topic, presentations with feedback will be given during the semester.

Will follow on absalon

The Theory and Method should have been passed or done in the same semester. It is expected that the students can read literature in English.

Continuous feedback during the course of the semester
Peer feedback (Students give each other feedback)
Type of assessment
Other under invigilation

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