NÆR, Introduktion til Ægyptens oldtidskulturer (E21)


The course deals with particular aspects of Egypt’s archaeology, history and social history, from Prehistoric to Islamic periods. Archaeology draws its knowledge from the  material remains, such as e.g. architecture, burials, and pottery in their social and archaeological context to reconstruct social and political history, development of hierarchy, power and ideology etc.. Egyptology is based on textual evidence and reconstructs e.g. the religion, philosophy, literature, the understanding of science and social history from texts and material. There will also be an introduction to the theory and methods of Archaeology and Egyptology, so that the sources of information and how they can be approach will be discussed.

Active participation in class is a necessary pre-condition for taking part in the exam (75% presence). Students will have to take part in group-work and write a 5-page paper

Engelsk titel

Introduction to Egypt’s history and archaeology


Fagstudieordning for bacheloruddannelserne i assyriologi, nærorientalsk arkæologi og ægyptologi, 2019

Fagstudieordning for bachelortilvalg på assyriologi, nærorientalsk arkæologi og ægyptologi, 2019



BA 2019-studieordning
Introduktion til ægyptens oldtidskulturer:
Assyriologi (aktivitetskode HASB00511E)
Nærorientalsk arkæologi (aktivitetskode HNAB00151E)
Ægyptologi (aktivitetskode HÆGB00131E) 

BA-tilvalg 2019-studieordning
Introduktion til ægyptens oldtidskulturer:
Assyriologi (aktivitetskode HASB10171E)
Nærorientalsk arkæologi (aktivitetskode HNAB10171E)
Ægyptologi (aktivitetskode HÆGB10171E)


Holdundervisning med aktiv inddragelse af de studerende.

Eksaminanden opgiver 1100-1300 normalsider på niveau svarende til K. A. Bard, An Introduction to the Archaeology of Egypt (London: Routledge, 2009); E. Hornung, History of Ancient Egypt (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press); B. J. Kemp, Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilization (Routledge: London, NB: Second Edition 2006); S. Quirke, Ancient Egyptian Religion (London: British Museum Press); W. S. Smith, The Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt (Yale: Yale University Press, revised edition by W. K. Simpson, 1998).


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