Tværfagligt valgfag, emne 6: Europe’s 20th Century. Society and Politics


The purpose of this course is to instil in students a deeper understanding of European history during the 20th century, to give a fuller sense of the varied historical methodologies that can be used in the study of the subject, and to introduce students to research work with a view to thesis writing. To this end the course will incorporate a variety of approaches including chronological, thematic, and theoretical aspects into the study of particular topics: The chronological focus for the course will be on: World War I, interwar, World War 2, Early Cold War, Late Cold War. The thematic case studies for the course will include: cities, democracy, fascism, welfare state, mass consumption, popular cultures, neoliberalism, memory politics. The theoretical approaches include: nation and nationalism, migration, gender studies, history of consumption, generations, industrial vs. post-Industrial society, new social movements. Methodologies (incorporated into the various chronological, thematic and theoretical subjects) : printed and unprinted sources, oral history, quantitative and qualitative methods. The teaching is organised iin three major blocs taught by different teachers: 1/ Politics and Society; 2/ Research and Writing Workshop; 3/ Historiography and Methodologies.

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Interdisciplinary Elective Subject, topic 6: Europe’s 20th Century. Society and Politics


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