COG Topics in Cognition and Communication

Course content

The course introduces and elaborates upon a small set of key contemporary topics in cognitive science and communication studies.


The Master’s Programme in Cognition and Communication, 2019-curriculum: 

Research Project: HCCK03021E


Learning outcome

At the examination, the student can demonstrate:


Knowledge and understanding of

  • a set of key contemporary discussions in cognitive science and communication studies
  • key interrelationships between cognitive and communicative processes in various situations.


Skills in

  • identifying and analyzing a set of relevant factors related to situated cognitive and communicative processes
  • identifying and analyzing the interplay of said relevant factors and their potential consequences for situated cognitive and communicative processes.


Competencies in

  • identifying, analyzing, and critically evaluating specific issues related to the interplay of situated cognitive and communication processes
  • communicating an overall assessment of said issues in clear and concise form.

Lectures and class teaching, discussions and exercises.

Type of assessment
Written assignment
Criteria for exam assessment


  • Category
  • Hours
  • Class Instruction
  • 56
  • Preparation
  • 353,5
  • English
  • 409,5