Clinical Translational Medicine

Course content

  • Translational research study design
  • How to develop and interpret PDX models
  • Automatized drug-screening in real time - for patient care
  • Clinical trial design
  • Communication training between patients, clinicians, basic scientist and industry
  • Phase 1 studies
  • First in human studies
  • Discussion clinical cases including ethical issues
  • Career moves from academia to industry

BRIDGE - Translational Excellence Programme


Learning outcome

On completion of the course, the participants should be able to:


  • Relate how thorough characterization (molecular, immunological, imaging) of the individual patient or patient’s samples may be used for direct selection of patient treatment/care
  • Explain how information from biological experiments (in vitro and animal models) can be used as a platform for designing investigations in patients
  • Discuss how biological experiments may lead to drug development
  • Describe how to bring a preclinical drug to phase 1, basic requirements
  • Describe Phase 1 -> 3 trials
  • Plan a translational study with material from a clinical trial
  • Describe different studies, non-inferior vs. superiority studies



  • Integrate knowledge obtained from all other courses into translational clinical research
  • Critically evaluate preclinical data -  from a clinical point of view
  • Generate novel ideas for clinical trials from preclinical observations
  • Implement research results in clinical practice
  • Solve unmet clinical needs/questions by designing the clinically relevant preclinical/ biological experiments



  • Integrate  basic biology  into clinical knowledge
  • Assess ethical considerations of how to implement new molecular tools and conduct studies with patients
  • Understand the central aspects of clinical translational medicine and be able to discuss and communicate these to other scientists, clinicians, and the public

Individual projects – presentations
Cathedral lectures
Industry visit
Patient involvement – a story from a patient
Phase 1 visit

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Participants must meet the admission criteria in BRIDGE - Translational Excellence Programme

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Continuous assessment
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