Translational Tools I

Course content

  • Research data management
  • Introduction to and discussion of the use of cellular models, human tissue, rodent models and large animal models in translational research
  • Translational research in the pharmaceutical industry: Excursion to pharmaceutical industry; Best preclinical models

BRIDGE - Translational Excellence Programme


Learning outcome

On completion of the course, the participants should be able to:


  • Discuss principles of research data management and data management plans
  • Explain suitability of different experimental model systems, and how they can be used in translational research
  • Determine current practices how pharmaceutical industry use experimental model system in translational research



  • Prepare a draft of the fellow’s research data management plan
  • Assess which model system would be optimal for their research



  • Prepare a research data management plan that complies with requirements by funding agencies and other stakeholders
  • Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different experimental model systems
  • Design basic outlines for preclinical models for drug discovery
  • Understand the central aspects of translational tools and be able to discuss and communicate these to other scientists, clinicians, and the public

The teaching/learning methods comprise a combination of lectures, group work/workshops, practical exercises and excursions to pharmaceutical companies and animal facilities. Lectures will be given by specialists in the field from both academia and the industry.

Online material and e-learning module on Research Data Management

Review articles and original research articles

Participants must meet the admission criteria in BRIDGE - Translational Excellence Programme

Continuous feedback during the course of the semester
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Continuous assessment
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Attendance and active participation
All aids allowed
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