Project on Didactics of Mathematics

Course content

This unit is a project outside course scope, specially designed for students in the NORDIMA programme.

The purpose is for the student to gain insight into empirical methods related to the theories learned in the course “Advanced didactics of mathematics” (DidMatV) through an empirical project on an individually chosen mathematical topic, based on one of the following research frameworks:

  • The theory of didactical situations in mathematics
  • The anthropological theory of the didactic
  • Semiotic registers in mathematics
  • Instrumental and documentational genesis
Learning outcome

The student is able to design and carry out a small empirical investigation of mathematics teaching and learning related to the self-chosen topic.


The student becomes familiar with a collection of research literature related to the self-chosen topic, and with empirical methods related to investigations of this topic, for instance through observation of teaching on this topic or diagnostic tests of student knowledge on the topic. 


The student acquire basic data collection skills as well as skills related to formulating and carrying out a small-size empirical investigation of teaching and/or learning of a specific topic in mathematics. Moreover, the student acquire deeper skills of literature search and report writing in didactics of mathematics.


At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Formulate empirical research question related to the teaching or learning of a specific mathematical topic, based on one of the research frameworks mentioned above
  • Identify literature relevant to the research question, and relate the question to that literature
  • Design and carry out an empirical investigation of the question, choosing appropriate methods aligned with the research question and state-of-the art in the area
  • Analyse and present the results with professional methods from the didactics of mathematics

Writing a projekt under supervision

Literature: identified by the student, with support from the supervisior; typically papers from major reseach journals.

Completed the course “Advanced Didactics in Mathematics” (DidMatV).
Completed the first semester of the MSc-programme in mathematics, as described in the option “Nordic Double Degree in Didactics of Mathematics (1st year at UCPH) “.

Academic qualifications equivalent to a BSc degree is recommended.

Continuous feedback during the course of the semester

Den studerende modtager 10 timers vejledning. Der gives løbende feed back på arbejdet med projektet, herunder på skriftlige og mundtlige oplæg fra den studerende.

7,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Written assignment
Written assignment throughout the course.
The final exam constists of an individual written final paper of 20 pages in the CERME template: https:/​/​​wp-content/​uploads/​2018/​06/​Papers-and-Posters-Template-CERME11.docx
All aids allowed
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
Censorship form
No external censorship
One internal examiner
Criteria for exam assessment

The grade is given for the extent to which the student in his final paper has demonstrated to have achieved the course aims (cf. above).

Single subject courses (day)

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  • Project work
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  • Guidance
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