Mathematics for Geoscientists

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Mathematics represents the grammar by which scientists express the physical and chemical laws governing natural processes, as well as make quantitative predictions of the evolution of these processes. The course aims at presenting, through theory and exercises, the basic mathematical notions that have simple, yet important applications to the Geosciences.


BSc Programme in Geology-Geoscience

Learning outcome


  • Mathematical expressions

  • Derivatives and integrals of functions

  • Linear equations

  • Vectors and linear algebra

  • Differential equations

  • Notions of statistics and spectral analysis



Handle mathematical expressions and equations relevant to the Geosciences.



Cast in quantitative terms the qualitative description of a problem/process relevant to the Geosciences.

Lectures will consist, in small part, of presentation of theoretical notions and, in great part, of practical examples and exercises. Please refer to the teaching plan on Absalon.

Please see Absalon.

It is recommended that students have acquired skills corresponding to the compulsory courses of the BSc geology-geoscience programme or similar.

Continuous feedback during the course of the semester

Continuous feedback is provided to students during the course. This is based primarely on the exercises done in class, and is done in the form of a collective feedback to the group of students during class time, as well as individual feedback during meetings for questions.

7,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Written examination, 4 hours under invigilation
Written examination, 4 hours under invigilation.
The course has been selected for ITX exam on Peter Bangs Vej.
Without aids
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
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No external censorship
Several internal examiners.
Criteria for exam assessment

Please see learning outcome.

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