JAP, Ethnographies of Japanese society (F21)

Course content

In this course we will explore the unique insights that an ethnographic approach offers into the workings of Japanese society on the ground and sometimes behind the scenes. We will do so through reading and discussing ethnographic texts focusing on people from a range of sections of Japanese society. We will consider what these people’s experiences tell us about the ideas of gender and gender roles, family, nation and multiculturalism, ageing and youth, work and leisure, relationship between human and non-human entities, the body, intimacy, religion and secularism, and so on.

Apart from the thematic focus, the emphasis of this course will be twofold: on the strengths and weaknesses of an ethnographic approach in representing a society; and on how fieldwork, writing and theory come together in the production of an ethnographic text. We will use a mix of English and Japanese language materials and will practice writing book reviews and essays. Students will be required to read the assigned material, take turns in making presentations and in leading the discussion.

For BA students, this course is integrated with two weekly lessons on methods in Japan Studies.

  • Curriculum for BA programme in Asian Studies with specialisation in Indology, Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies, Korean Studies, South East Asian Studies and Tibetology, 2015
  • Curriculum for BA elective programme in Japanese Studies, 2019
  • Curriculum for MA programme in Japanese Studies, 2019
  • Curriculum for MA elective programme in Japanese Studies, 2019
  • Curriculum for MA programme in Asian Studies, 2008
Learning outcome

BA 2015-studieordning:
Japanstudier realia 3 (aktivitetskode HJAB00891E)

BA-tilvalg 2019-studieordning:
Japansk Realia A (aktivitetskode HJAB10211E)
Japansk Realia B (aktivitetskode HJAB10221E)
Japansk Realia C (aktivitetskode HJAB10231E)

KA 2019-studieordning:
Tekstbaseret emne (aktivitetskode HJAK03341E)
Praktisk formidling (aktivitetskode HJAK03351E)
Formidlingsstudier (aktivitetskode HJAK03361E)
Projektorienteret forløb (aktivitetskode HJAK03371E)
Forskningsoversigt (aktivitetskode HJAK03401E)

KA-tilvalg 2019-studieordning:
Emnekursus (aktivitetskode HKIK13011E)

KA 2008-studieordning:
Tekstbaseret Emne (aktivitetskode HJAK03042E)
Emnekursus A (aktivitetskode HJAK03051E)
Emnekursus B (aktivitetskode HJAK03101E)

Seminars and writing workshops (possibly short lectures)

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Continuous feedback during the course of the semester
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