ØST, Russian modernist literature in context: culture, ideology and censorship (F21)

Course content

This course targets students across the Humanities interested in Russian literature and its relation to culture, ideology and censorship.

The course will approach Russian modernism as challenged and experimentally reshaped in the context of revolution, socialism and oppression during the transition phase from Late Imperial Russia to the formation of the Soviet Union.

The theoretical part of the syllabus will mainly be within censorship theory (liberal approaches and New Censorship Theory) and literary analysis in the tradition of pragmatic semiotics.

Centered on the 1920s, we will work analytically with novels by Andrei Bely (1880-1934), Isaac Babel (1894-1940), and Mikhail Bulgakov (1891-1940). We will also look at other writers from the period, and students may choose to work with writers of their own choice within the theoretical and/or historical framework of the course.


Curriculum for the Bachelor's programme in Eastern Europe studies, 2019 Curriculum

Curriculum for the BA-programme in East and South East European Studies with specialisations in Balkan Studies, Modern Greek Studies, Polish and Russian, the 2015 Curriculum

Curriculum for the elective studies in Eastern European Studies The 2019 Curriculum

Curriculum for Master's programme in Eastern European Studies, The 2019 Curriculum

Learning outcome

BA Østeuropastudier 2019-studieordning:
Valgfrit emne Balkan (aktivitetskode HBAB01351E)
Valgfrit emne Polsk (aktivitetskode HPLB01351E)
Valgfrit emne Russisk (aktivitetskode HRUB01351E)
BA-projekt Balkan (aktivitetskode HBAB01361E)
BA-projekt Polsk (aktivitetskode HPLB01361E)
BA-projekt Russisk (aktivitetskode HRUB01361E)

BA-tilvalg i Østeuropastudier 2019-studieordning:
Valgfrit emne A (aktivitetskode HØEB10171E)
Valgfrit emne B (aktivitetskode HØEB10181E)

KA Østeuropastudier 2019-studieordning:
Fordybelsesemne – Rusland (aktivitetskode HRUK03551E)
Særligt studeret emne – Rusland (aktivitetskode HRUK03591E)
Fordybelsesemne – Polen (aktivitetskode HPLK03551E)
Særligt studeret emne – Polen (aktivitetskode HPLK03591E)
Fordybelsesemne – Balkan (aktivitetskode HBAK03551E)
Særligt studeret emne - Balkan (aktivitetskode HBAK03591E)

KA-tilvalg Østeuropastudier 2019-studieordning:
Fordybelsesemne (aktivitetskode HØEK13551E)
Særligt studeret emne A (aktivitetskode HØEK13591E)
Særligt studeret emne B (aktivitetskode HØEK13592E)
Særligt studeret emne C (aktivitetskode HØEK13593E)

Lectures, seminars, discussions

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Continuous feedback during the course of the semester
Feedback by final exam (In addition to the grade)
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