Biological Psychology and Neuropsychology

Course content

Biological Psychology and Neuropsychology include the normal as well as the disordered and injured anatomy, physiology and neurochemistry.

Central course themes are:

  • Basic genetics and genetic versus non-genetic factors in the development of normal as well as pathological processes within the areas of psychology, neurobiology, psychiatry and neurology.
  • The prenatal (embryology) and postnatal development of the nervous system.
  • Psychopathology (psychiatry) and neuropathology from a biological and neurobiological perspective, including psycho- and neuropharmacology.
  • The organic (mainly neural) substrate involved in cognitive processes.
  • The functions of the nervous system.
Learning outcome

The student must be able to:

  • Identify and account for concepts, methods and empirical results within the biological and neurological psychology.
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Written examination, 2 hours under invigilation
Multiple choice exam
Without aids
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