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Thesis data collection is an elective course that prepares students for carrying out their master´s thesis in the fourth semester. As part of the course students draft a synopsis for their thesis, and subsequently collect data for their research project. The data can be either primary data collected through fieldwork, survey, data mining; or they can be secondary data collected from archives, databanks, existing literature, etc. Fieldwork can take place in all kinds of socio-cultural contexts on the condition that it can be realistically carried out within the given time frame and that the safety of students is not at stake. Apart from this, the choice of data to be collected is limited by research ethics only.


Data collection can be carried out individually or in smaller groups.


During the data collection process, students write a portfolio. Students are assigned a supervisor before the course starts and receive 45 minutes supervision to prepare their synopsis + 45 minutes supervision per 7,5 ECTS to discuss portfolio results and prepare the final report. Supervision can be organized in groups if a supervisor has several students collecting data at the same time. Students also receive supervision from peer students collecting data at the same time. When doing fieldwork abroad, supervision from teacher and from peers is organized through netbased dialogue.


The duration of data collection is max 25 days per 7,5 ects.


The course can be 7,5 ECTS or 15 ECTS.

Learning outcome


- demonstrate familiarity with relevant metods for collecting data and the types of knowledge that the chosen method produces

- demonstrate knowledge in analysing data relevant to provide answers to research questions.

- demonstrate thematic and regional knowledge relevant to a chosen research field



- write a problem statement and a research synopsis

- collect relevant empirical material

- evaluate the problem statement and research questions in relation to collected empirical material



- organize an empirical material properly with due consideration to relevant methodological and ethical issues

- reflect critically on the methological and analytical process of data collection

- give qualified feedback on others’ work


Supervision and feedback from teacher and from peer students


7.5 ECTS = 210 hours (fieldwork: 170 hours. Exam preparation: 40 hours)
15 ECTS = 420 hours (fieldwork: 340 hours. Exam preparation: 80 hours)

Peer feedback (Students give each other feedback)
7,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Individual or groups submissions

Contents of the portfolio:
• All the portfolio assignments handed in during the course, revised and collected as one portfolio.
• 3 pages Master’s Thesis synopsis. Length: max 1500 words. Does not vary depending on whether the exam is done individually or as a group.
• 3 pages overview of the data material. Length: max 1500 words. Does not vary depending on whether the exam is done individually or as a group.
All aids allowed
Marking scale
passed/not passed
Censorship form
No external censorship
Criteria for exam assessment

See learning outcome. 

  • Category
  • Hours
  • Field Work
  • 170
  • Exam Preparation
  • 40
  • English
  • 210