Church History 3 - Group A, B

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This is the third BA course in Church History, covering the time from 1300 until today. To a greater extent than earlier periods of Church History, these roughly 700 years are characterized by a multiplication of confessions, denominations, and currents within the ever growing families of Christian churches. In this course, we will track this ongoing development on the levels of global, European, and Danish Church History.

Every week, we will be discussing a new aspect of this ’history of churches’ in two steps. First, I will give an overview in the form of a lecture, and second, we will discuss one or two source texts in a *very* interactive way. This will not vary between the groups.

However, with regard to the source texts for our common discussions, there will be variants between the groups. Group A will put an emphasis on the history of theology and of thought more generally, whereas group B will concentrate on political and social history. Accordingly, students are vividly encouraged to choose between these two groups.



• Diarmaid MacCulloch, A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years, London 2009, esp. pp. 551ff. (recommended for your personal library).

• Carsten Bach-Nielsen & Jens Holger Schjørring, Kirkens historie, vol. 2, København 2012.

• Jörg Lauster, Evig protest: reformation som princip, Frederiksberg 2018.

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