Thesis in Immunology and Inflammation

Course content

Supervised by a researcher, the student learns to critically apply scientific methodology in order to address a chosen scientific problem in the field of immunology and/or inflammation. The thesis will demonstrate the student's ability to competently formulate, analyze, process, discuss and assess problems and to undertake experimental scientific work on a relevant, limited immunological topic. This module equips students to communicate research-based knowledge, and to discuss matters of scientific research with fellow professionals and non-specialists


MSc in Immunology and Inflammation

Learning outcome

To demonstrate and document the students’ skills in independently applying scientific theories and methods during work on a relevant research project, as well as in writing a master’s thesis. The student is expected to be able to explain the project in clear scientific terms, orally and in writing.

To achieve the maximum grade of 12, the master’s thesis on the conducted research plus the subsequent oral examination must document that the student is able to:


  • Select and process a clear and well-defined immunological problem of scientific relevance


  • Convey own, and others’ work in writing as well as orally at a high international academic level.


  • Critically conclude and put into perspective own, and others’ research results at a high international scientific level
  • Critically assess own and others’ research results at a high international scientific level while including relevant literature
  • Critically conclude and put into perspective own and others’ research results at a high international level while including relevant literature

The master’s thesis is compiled by each student alone

The exam in the Master's Thesis must complete the MSc's programme

A master's thesis contract must be made and signed by the student and the supervisor.
Date of commencement of the thesis period: 1 September
Deadline for submitting the master’s thesis contract including a signed confirmation from the supervisor: September

Type of assessment
Written assignment
Oral defence, 1 hour
The master’s thesis must be prepared in accordance with the approved thesis contract and shall correspond to minimum 50 and maximum 70 pages written in Times New Roman point 12, line spacing 1.5 and excluding references and optional appendixes.
All aids allowed
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
Censorship form
External censorship
Criteria for exam assessment

The thesis must include an abstract written in English of no more then 1 A4 page. The abstract must summarize the background for the research project, the research question, the methods used, important findings and a conclusion. The abstract will be included in the overall assessment of the master’s thesis.

Assessment will be based on the student’s spelling and writing skills as well as the scientific content of the thesis. The scientific content will carry most weight.

The oral 60-minutes exam consist of 25 minutes of oral presentation of the master’s thesis using AV equipment followed by 30 minutes of scientific discussion focusing on the issues of the thesis

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