Musicology: Bachelor's Project: Music in Digital Cultures. New instruments, ubiquitous streaming & connected musicking

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Music in Digital Cultures. New instruments, ubiquitous streaming & connected musicking



In the early 21sty century music listening, music making and the distribution of music is inextricably entangled with our lives and our digital networks, tools, the software, and commodities. This course provides the framework for your BA-projekt that is linked to these contemporary practices and lifestyles around music and sound.


In the modules of this course we will discuss the state of current research positions, research questions, and rising research fields in which your project might be situated. The selection of specific research areas will therefore also be following the research interests of all the participants in the course.


So, in the first session we will discuss your various areas of interest and we will then tailor together the course programme and your activities accordingly.


Lectures and workshop

Basic literature:


Gopinath, S. & Stanyek, J. (2014): The Oxford Handbook of Mobile Music Studies, Volume 1 & 2, Oxford/UK: Oxford University Press.


Fleischer, R., Snickars, P., Vonderau, P., Eriksson, M. (2019): Spotify Teardown: Inside the Black Box of Streaming Music, Cambridge/Mass. MIT-Press.


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Schulze, H. (2019: Sound Works: A Cultural Theory of Sound Design, New York: Bloomsbury Press.

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