AMIS: Migration Research in Practice

Course content

The module will give the student:

Knowledge of academic project design, administration and research collaboration.

Skills and experience in research practice, academic leadership, and organisational strategies. 

Practical skills in collecting, evaluating and organising empirical data under supervision.

Competences in applying the interdisciplinary methodologies of migration studies to concrete research cases.


Advanced Migration Studies

Learning outcome

The examinee is able to: 

Demonstrate knowledge of the structure, design, execution and presentation of a research-based project in migration studies. 

Critically reflect on and account for the selection of methodological strategies.

Present project results succinctly and effectively under observation of a style suitable to the audience.

Supervision. The students independently conduct a supervised project that
contributes to the ongoing research of a researcher affiliated with Advanced
Migration Studies

Course literature will be individual

Type of assessment
Written assignment
Written take-home assignment, optional subject
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
Censorship form
No external censorship
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