Transmedia Storytelling and Computer Games as Learning and Teaching Tools (China, Japan, Korea) (E19)

Course content

This course consists of four parts:

  • Transmedia Storytelling and Computer Games in China, Japan, Korea (2 hours per week; taught by Barbara Wall)
  • IT Tutorial “Understanding Play and Games" (2 hours per week; taught by Sarah Grossi, IT University)
  • Seminar for Discussing Korean Sources (2 hours per week, taught by Hyunjoo Choi)
  • Game Jam on The Journey to the West (Dec 7-8, 2019)


Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Exploring some of the most popular story worlds circulating in China, Japan and Korea (The Journey to the West, The Tale of Genji, The Tale of Ch'unhyang etc.)
  • Engage in play and game (basic theories of play, game ontology)
  • Creating computer games in teams with students from the IT University during a game jam on Dec 7-8, 2019
  • Utilizing Korean Sources to improve written assignments
  • Curriculum for the BA programme in Asian Studies with specialisations in Indology, Japanese Studies, China Studies, Korean Studies, Southeast Asian Studies and Tibetology The 2015 Curriculum
  • Curriculum for the Elective Studies in Korean studies The 2019 Curriculum
  • Cross-Cultural Studies MA 2019-Curriculum


Learning outcome

Korean BA 2015-Curriculum:
Korean Content Course 1 (activitycode HKOB00831E)
Korean Content Course 2 (activitycode HKOB00871E)
Korean Content Course 3 (activitycode HKOB00891E)

Korean BA 2019-Elective:
Korean Content Course 1 (activitycode HKOB10121E)
Korean Content Course 3 (activitycode HKOB10141E)

Cross-Cultural Studies MA 2015-Curriculum:
Regional Specialisation with language (activitycode HTÆK03261E)
Regional Specialisation (activitycode HTÆK03211E)

Workshop, Team teaching, group work, guidance and lectures

Will be available in Absalon

It is recommended that students have passed the course: Introduction to Korean Studies, Modern: Korean History, Society, and Culture after the Opening of Korea.
For elective students there are no recommendations

Studerende til dette kursus skal huske at tilmelde sig HTOR0100EU ASIEN, Metodekursus på Asienstudier - forbindes med realiakursus for at opnå 6 timers undervisning.

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  • English
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1 semester


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