HIS 1021. Gender and Sexuality Studies

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Historisk tilvalgsområde 1 [2019-ordningen]
HIS 1021. Gender and Sexuality Studies
‘Denmark: Brothel of the North?: Gender and Sexuality Studies’ is a course in English for Danish and international students.

The course introduces the students to the history of concepts of gender and sexuality, and covers topics such as heterosexuality, homosexuality, sex education, HIV/AIDS, women’s emancipation, masculinity, prostitution, pornography, sexual nationalism, and transgenderism.

We will use a diverse range of teaching methods including group work, excursions, movie screenings, and lectures. We will focus on Denmark, but also study how Denmark relates and compares to the rest of the world.

Course objectives (clarification of some of the objectives stipulated in the curriculum): 
 After the course students will be able to:


Historisk tilvalgsområde 1 (HHIB10211E)
[Fagstudieordning. Bachelortilvalg i historie, 2019-ordningen]

Group instruction / Seminar /Excursion

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Other under invigilation
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