Digital film and media strategies

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media and digital platforms, including strategy planning, creative concept development and production aimed at specific customers and campaigns. In connection with the course, minimum one audiovisual production is produced within film, television, podcast (audio) or Web.


Work is done from concept to product in collaboration with an institution, organization or company, based on the theories of film and media studies. Focus is on planning and developing digital production and distribution forms for a specific target group and communication context, as well as on various evaluation approaches including digital analysis tools.


The course establishes in-depth knowledge of the specific conditions for film and media strategies in a digital landscape, both theoretically and practically, focusing on connections between digital film and media launch strategies and new production and online distribution and user patterns. In addition, central cross-media narrative strategies are discussed.


Seminar 1: Film, tv and digital visual stories

Seminar 2: Digitale medier, netværk og samfund/Digital media, networks and communities

Seminar 3: Digital kommunikation og mediekulturer/ Digital communication and media culture

Class teaching with seminars, individual presentations and group work with practical production. The course will usually be visited by guest teachers from the industry. In seminars, special cases are being discussed, e.g. producing, distributing and launching fictional and factual formats for various media and platforms or cross-media campaigns and value-based digital communication for businesses and organizations relevant to specific types of film and media users

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Full Degree Master
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1 semester

Study Board of Media, Cognition and Communication
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  • Department of Media, Cognition and Communication
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  • Faculty of Humanities
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  • Pia Karstoft Andersen   (8-7f75868788837a88547c8981427f8942787f)
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