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The Mystery of Consciousness

According to many thinkers, consciousness is the biggest mystery there is. This may seem paradoxical. Consciousness is readily accessible to all of us. We are conscious throughout our waking lives. Yet at the same time, consciousness is shrouded in mystery. As David Chalmers puts it, ‘we are entirely in the dark about how consciousness fits into the natural order’ (The Conscious Mind, OUP, 1996, p. xi): ‘How could a physical system such as a brain also be an experiencer?’ (ibid.).

The place of consciousness in nature is one issue. A prior issue concerns what we are talking about when we talk about consciousness.

In this course, we will address the question of what consciousness is, and we will look into attempts to fit it into ‘the natural order’. We will read texts by leading analytic philosophers of mind – e.g. Ned Block, David Chalmers, Daniel Dennett – as well as by classical and contemporary phenomenologists – e.g. Edmund Husserl, Charles Siewert, Uriah Kriegel. We will also look at some attempts by non-philosophers to come to grips with the problem of consciousness – e.g. that of Francis Crick and Christof Koch.


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FILO Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind


Kandidatuddannelsen i Filosofi, 2019-ordningen:

Fænomenologi og bevidsthedsfilosofi:  HFIK04081E

Kandidattilvalg på filosofi, 2019-ordningen

Fænomenologi og bevidsthedsfilosofi: HFIK14081E

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