DCC Sustainable Denmark: How can We achieve Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Denmark: How can we achieve sustainable development?

The modern world faces a range of critical environmental problems. In this course, we are going to focus on some of the ways in which they are already being countered - and may continue to be so in the near future. So, looking at the environment as a socio-material network encompassing man, we will examine the multiple meanings of “sustainable development”; consider different ways in which to engage in such a transition; identify different actors and interests; and discuss foreseeable outcomes of different kinds of action, as well as non-action.


Name of Exam: HDCB01071E Denmark, Europe and Globalisation


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The course is only offered to exchange and guest students at the University of Copenhagen.

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Written take-home assignment with an optional subject following active class participation. 11-15 standard pages.

The active class participation consists of an approved synopsis 2-3 standard pages.

Exam in case of non-approved active class participation consists of a written take-home assignment with an optional subject. 16-20 standard pages.
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