ISL, Islamisk jura (E18)


The course will introduce the classical Islamic law, fiqh, connected to the traditional legal schools. The focus, however, will be on the introduction of state law in the period 1870-1951, and the ensuing reform of Islamic legal thinking. Finally it will address the contemporary attempts at re-formulating Islamic law in a number of countries after 1970, and discuss its status today.

Engelsk titel

Islamic law


KA 2008-studieordning for kandidatuddannelsen i Islamiske Studier


KA 2008-studieordning:
Islamisk jura (Fagelementkode HISA04631E)

Lectures and student’s papers

Wael Hallaq: Sharia

Sami Zubaida: Law and Power in the Islamic World.

Basic knowledge of Islamic studies

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