FM, Module 1: Organizational and institutional analysis - Seminar A: Digital Media: (Infra)structure, Labour and Inequalities

Course content

Digital media economies and industries pose particular challenges for institutional and organisational analysis. This seminar will address these challenges by (1) situating digital media and technology companies in their wider contexts of the platform society and surveillance capitalism. (2) Next, we will look at the material and political underpinnings of these broader structures in terms of infrastructure, policy and regulation. (3) This will bring us to operational aspects of digital media, particularly pioneer communities and digital labour. (4) We finish the course with a number of seminars on specific forms of inequality and discrimination (such as gender, sexuality and sexism, and race and ethnicity) related to digital media and their organisations.


Master in Film and Media Studies, 2016-curriculum

Learning outcome

Master in Film and Media Studies, 2016-curriculum:

Module 1: HFMK03301E


Lectures and seminars

CEMES students will attend seminar B + the lectures

Type of assessment
Seminar A: The exam will be conducted in English
Criteria for exam assessment
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Lectures
  • 24
  • Seminar
  • 33
  • Course Preparation
  • 352,5
  • English
  • 409,5