FILO, Module 4: Research Subject - Ethics and Political Philosophy: Bioethics

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Like never before, developments in biotechnology and medicine offer us possibilities of altering and improving all aspects of life. Many of these developments, however, raise novel ethical concerns with respect to human existence and our relation to the social and natural environment; concerns that are likely to gain more prominence and urgency in the near future. This course offers a systematic and thorough investigation of some of the issues that face us. We will examine topics related to the beginning and end of human life, to our ability to enhance our bodies and minds, and to the mapping and utilization of the human genome. We will dive into concepts central to structuring bioethical thinking, such as autonomy, moral status, privacy, and human vulnerability, and we will consider wider social issues raised by the applications of technology and medicine, such as the risk for exploitation, or policy-making in the light of strong public disagreement.


The course provides students with tools for identifying and thinking systematically about ethical issues related to biotechnology and medicine. Furthermore, the course gives students theoretical tools for normative assessment of these issues, and as such, it provides a general exercise in thinking ethically and normatively about concrete issues that are prominent in modern society



Kandidatuddannelsen i Filosofi 2017-ordning 

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Filosofi 2017 KA 

7,5 ECTS
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