English - Elective 3, topic 2: Narrative, Media and Selfhood in the 21st Century

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Novels continue to garner our attention and investment. But what is it like to read books alongside connected devices, films, and updates? What do novelists themselves make of this juxtaposition? And perhaps most provocatively: if we were once hardwired to think of our selves and our existence through books, how do books work now that we are mediated by other devices? In this course we'll read a very recent selection of US and UK fictions that confront the challenges of selfhood in a mediated world.  We will also read theorists of media and (post)modernity including Donna Haraway, Katherine Hayles, and Mark Hansen, and Sherry Turkle.



Primary Texts will Include:

Ali Smith, How to Be Both (2014)

Tom Mcarthy, Remainder (2005)

Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go (2005)

Rachel Cusk, Outline (2015)

Andre Alexis, Fifteen Dogs (2015)

Dave Eggers, The Circle (2013)

Nicoa Barker, H(a)ppy (2017)

7,5 ECTS
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