Society A (Assyriology)

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This course will discuss aspects related to Mesopotamian social, economic, and political history and archaeology.

Students also have to sign up for the course: "Introduction to Comparative Studies of Ancient Civilizations".


Curriculum for bachelor studies in Near Eastern Ancient Cultures with central focus on Assyriology, Near Eastern Archaeology or Egyptology, 2015

Curriculum for elective bachelor studies i Assyriology, 2007



Learning outcome

BA 2015-studieordning
Samfund A (fagelementkode HASB00431E)

BA 2007-studierodning:
Samfund 1 (Fagelementkode HASB10021E)

Undervisnings- og arbejdsformen vil være holdundervisning, hovedsaglig i form af forelæsninger, om end der også vil være aktiv inddragelse af de studerende, fx i form af oplæg eller generelle diskussioner.

J.N. Postgate, Early Mesopotamia. Society and Economy at the Dawn of History (Routledge, 1994) samt supplerende litteratur

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