Portugisisk og brasilianske studier - Det portugisiske sprog i tid og rum


This module introduces students to the global spread of Portuguese and related sociolinguisticissues such as language variation and pronunciation. Students will develop an awareness of how sociohistory and contact shape language. The module will explore the reasons behind the differences between the different varieties of Portuguese, the presence of Portuguese in Brazil and Africa as well as introduce the conditions of emergence of the Atlantic Portuguese-based creoles. Linguistic concepts and features of the different varieties of Portuguese will also be addressed.  The course aim is therefore twofold: to familiarize students with some of the different theoretical topics on language variation and to work at the micro-level of phonetics as a means of systematizing language variation and developing your practical language skills. The course is taught in English, but uses material in Portuguese on a basic level.



Engelsk titel

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies - The Portuguese Language in Time and Space

Holdundervisning, diskussioner og projektbaseret arbejde.

Literature: see pensum available at the beginning of the semester.

7,5 ECTS
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Emne om identitet
Emne om Portugal
Emne om den portugisisktalende verden
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