Elective course - Staffing Decisions, Work Teams, and Politics in Organizations

Course content

This seminar comprises and combines several topics highly relevant to work and organizational psychologists. First, it deals with staffing decisions, i.e., aspects related to the recruitment, selection, and promotion of employees. At the heart of this part is a simulation of several tests, questionnaires, and work-tasks often used in the process of staffing decisions; herein, students take on the roles of both participants (applicants) and observers (decision-makers). Second, and based on this, the composition, challenges, and benefits of work groups and work teams are discussed. Third, we delve into the issue of power and politics in organizations (e.g., impression management, negotiations, politicking at work). Finally, we discuss how to bridge the research-practice gap, including discussions with a practitioner (probably Andreas Christiansen from praice.com).

With regard to all topics, the seminar provides (a) state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, (b) illustrative real life examples, and (c) room for discussions.

Learning outcome

The purpose of these modules is to expand knowledge or put the psychological subject area into perspective through theoretical or empirical specialisation within subject areas within or related to psychology.

By the end of the module, students will be able to:

  • describe and account for relevant concepts and themes within the elective subject
  • describe and account for relevant methodological approaches in relation to the subject matter for the elective subject
  • explain contexts, analyse and conduct procedures relevant to the elective subject under supervision
  • discuss themes/problems relevant to the elective subject or interpret cases/data related to the elective subject.

Classes 10 weeks, starts week 36 or 6


800 pages, includes both mandatory and self selected literature


7,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Written assignment, Portfolio
Course participation under invigilation
EXAM REGULATIONS: The students have to comprise the 7 assignments together with a final overall assignment (maximum of 2 pages) in a portfolio to be handed in as the final exam.
GROUP REGULATIONS: The exam can only be taken individually
SIZE: Max 15 pages
Marking scale
passed/not passed
Censorship form
No external censorship
Criteria for exam assessment

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