English - Free topic 7: Avenues of Power: The American Way of Business and War

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This 15 ECTS-course looks at the contours of American business and war in national and global realms. A strong emphasis on the military-industrial-government complex informs the course. American corporations and the US military and defense industries are largely symbiotic. Where business expands, the military goes to protect the expansion; and where the military intervenes in imperialistic ways or to protect allies or prop-up struggling democracies or to stop terrorists, businesses quickly move in to profit on the situation. There is much blood and treasure in the collaboration. The United States embraces militarism from top to bottom. American businesses circle the globe.

Part one of the course, led by Joe Goddard will examine the history of business in the US. Part two, led by Russell Duncan, will scrutinize American military history and the role of war.

This course only leads to exams Free Topic 4 with Written and Oral Proficiency in English.

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