English - Free topic 6: Global America

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This 15ECTS-course examines America’s role in the world. At issue is the interplay of national, international, regional, and global changes. A global America is not as state-centric because it relies on a mixed-actor model that moves away from independence toward interdependence. A global America goes from domestic to transnational and helps move the world from international anarchy toward global norms and governance.  There are two fundamental questions: 1) What roles do the US play in the system of world order? And 2) How does the US navigate its foreign and domestic policy to transcend the nation’s borders and the populist nationalism that is always around to claim “America First”.

Russell Duncan will teach the first half of the course, looking at the theories of global politics. Joe Goddard will lead the second half of the course, using insights from the IR sub-discipline of foreign policy decision-making and history.

This course only leads to exams Free Topic 1, Free Topic 2 and Free Topic 3.

Type of assessment
Portfolio, Portfolio uploaded in digital exam: Deadline June 12th 2019
This course is graded via a portfolio exam consisting of the following: One 10-minute oral presentation with Q&A and an accompanying 4-5 page paper in each of the component sections. The PPT presentations will count a total of 25% and the papers 25% of the course grade. One final essay of 11-15 pages counts 50%. All written work must be uploaded to Absalon, and to the Digital Exam at the end of the course.
Criteria for exam assessment
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  • 56
  • Preparation
  • 353,5
  • English
  • 409,5