Arabic: From Scratch to the Qur'an

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The course is a crash course in classical Arabic.

The goal is getting to know the basics of Arabic grammar, enough to make sense of difficult texts like the Qur'an.


The textbook is a work in progress and is found on in the form of a bunch of exercises organized by lesson number; there is also a pdf where all of the small pdf files are combined in one large file. Be sure to check the ‘how-to document, also linked to on that page.


Wolfdietrich Fischer, 'A Grammar of Classical Arabic' (Yale University Press 2002; note that the original German version can be used as well).


Rudolf-Ernst Brünnow and August Fischer, 'Chrestomathy of Classical Arabic Prose Literature' (Harrasowitz 2008 - Older German versions can be used as well).

The course is taught in the 'flipped classroom' style, which means that all the basics of the grammar are taught by video, and therefore contact with the teacher can be used for asking questions etc. rather than spending time on grammar lectures. You will have to watch the grammar lessons several times, and pause the video frequently as you digest the compact information given there.

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