Interaction course, The Qur’an and the Bible: Introduction to the Qur’an and its Biblical Contexts

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This course takes Islam as its point of departure. In this course we will conduct comparative analyses between Islam and its two main monotheist partners/competitors, i.e. Judaism and Christianity, but other religions will also be adressed (e.g. Manichaeism, Zoroastrism, pre-Islamic Arabian religion). The textual point of departure will be the Qur’an and the comparative analyses will concentrate on:

-      Thematic comparisons, e.g. strict theological themes like covenant, monotheism or creation.

-      Character comparisons, e.g., between the Qur’anic Abraham/Ibrahim and the various Biblical Abrahams.

-      Rhetorical comparisons, e.g. modes of narrative.

-      Ritual and cultic comparisons, e.g. prayer, ritual purity or cultic assemblies.

-      Institutional comparisons, e.g. between religious specialists like prophets or lawgivers.


Religious Roots of Europe

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