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Kursussøgning, efter- og videreuddannelse

Molecular Electronics Theory

Practical information
Study year 2016/2017
Block 4
Programme level Full Degree Master
Course responsible
  • Gemma C. Solomon (8-6a76726f7270727143666b6870316e7831676e)
  • Department of Chemistry
Course number: NKEK13019U

Course content

This course will provide an introduction to molecular electronics and the theoretical
methods required to study charge transfer and transport at the single molecule level.
While the chemistry of the molecule fundamentally underlies the transport properties,
there are also important interactions with the environment that can dramatically
change the measured response. The course will examine how different experimental
scenarios influence what will be measured and how this is reflected in the theory used
to treat the problem.

Learning outcome

The student will obtain a knowlegde about the necessary fundamental concepts and equations from statistical mechanics, electromagnetism, and quantum mechanics to be used within molecular electronics. The student will know how to connect standard electron transfer theories to molecular electronics and how to relate charge transfer to charge transport

- predict and understand electronic coupling through-bond and through-space
 - derive transport models within response theory, TD QM, Green’s functions
 - apply Marcus theory to electron transfer and the Landauer equation for calculating electronic transport
 - able to relating charge transfer to charge transport structure, properties and spectra of atoms
The student will be able to examine how different experimental
scenarios influence what will be measured and how this is reflected in the theory used
to treat the problem. The student will have the tools for calculating transport and an overview of molecular electronics.

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MSc Programme in Chemistry

MSc Programme in Nanoscience


Study Board of Physics, Chemistry and Nanoscience

Course type

Single subject courses (day)


Gemma C. Solomon, Thorsten Hansen, Kurt V. Mikkelsen


1 block


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Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, teoretical problem solving, computer exercises and discussion sessions


No admission restrictions




Category Hours
Lectures 42
Theory exercises 28
Practical exercises 28
Exam 0,5
Preparation 107,5
English 206,0


Type of assessment

Oral examination, 30 min (no preparation time)


All aids allowed

Marking scale

passed/not passed

Criteria for exam assessment

See the course description

Censorship form

No external censorship
several internal examiners


same as ordinary exam

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