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Kursussøgning, efter- og videreuddannelse

Introduction to Solid Earth Geophysics

Practical information
Study year 2016/2017
Autumn And Block 1
Programme level Bachelor
Course responsible
  • Hans Thybo (5-796d7e6774456e6c7333707a336970)
  • Department of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management
Course number: NIGB15014U

Course content

Principles of physical description of the Earth at all scales with emphasis on the application of geophysical methods to interpretation of regional and local geological processes. This course is the foundation for other geophysical courses.

Learning outcome


  • Principles of physical description of the Earth at all scales.
  • Geophysical methods.
  • Interpretation of geophysical data for understanding of regional and local geological processes.
  • Applications of geophysical research to studies of geohazards and climate, as well as to exploration for mineral and hydrocarbons resources.


  • Be able to describe important physical processes in the Earth, including Plate Tectonic and geodynamic processes.
  • Show understanding of major principles of geophysical methods.
  • Be able to identify areas of application of different geophysical methods to geological interpretation, including exploration for mineral and hydrocarbons resources.
  • Have understanding of how physical processes affect Earth evolution.



  • Be able to assess which geophysical methods may be suitable for solving specific geological problems both in academic and exploration context.
  • Be able to assess and discuss regional and local geological processes through interpretation of geophysical data.
  • Be able to communicate geophysical results by written and oral presentation.

Recommended prerequisites

The first year’s programme of the BSc Programme in Geology-Geoinformatics or equivalent.

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BSc Programme in Geology-Geoscience


Study Board of Geosciences and Management

Course type

Single subject courses (day)


1 block


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Teaching and learning methods

The form of teaching is lectures, theory exercises. For the teaching plan, please see Absalon.


64 studerende (4 hold a 16)




Category Hours
Lectures 14
Theory exercises 28
Preparation 164
English 206


Type of assessment

Oral examination, 20 minutes
At the exam the student draws a question and is examined without preparation time.


Without aids

Marking scale

7-point grading scale

Criteria for exam assessment

See "Learning Outcome".

Censorship form

External censorship


Identical to the ordinary examination form.

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