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Kursussøgning, efter- og videreuddannelse

Bioinformatics Project 2

Practical information
Study year 2016/2017
Block 1 , Block 2 , Block 3 , Block 4 And Summer
Programme level Full Degree Master
Course responsibles
  • Albin Gustav Sandelin (5-727d737a7f51737a803f7c863f757c)
  • Anders Krogh (6-636d7471696a42646b71306d7730666d)
  • Hans Redlef Siegismund (11-4f5a706c6e707a747c756b4769707635727c356b72)
  • Jeppe Vinther (8-6e7a6d72786c697644666d73326f7932686f)
  • Thomas Wim Hamelryck (8-786c65716970767d44666d73326f7932686f)
  • Department of Biology
Course number: NBIK10008U

Course content

The exact content is decided with the supervisor.

Learning outcome


The aim with these projects is to get a deep understanding of a bioinformatics topic often related to a research project. This is often a practical biological application using the computational methods you have been introduced to in other courses, e.g. testing a biological hypothesis on massive data sets. It may also be the implementation of a new method using python or some other programming language or an entirely theoretical project.


  • Write a bioinformatics report
  • Search for background material
  • Select and use relevant bioinformatics tools for a specific project


The student will obtain these general competences

  • Ability to do project work
  • Writing a scientific report
  • Presenting work orally
  • Analyze complex real-world problems

Recommended prerequisites

Knowledge within bioinformatics. Programming at least at the level of "Linux and Python Programming" is recommended.


It is a good idea to contact a supervisor prior to the start of the block. If you are not in the bioinformatics program, you must have an agreement with a supervisor (one of the contact persons) before registering.

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MSc Programme in Bioinformatics


Study Board of Biomolecular Sciences and Technology

Course type

Single subject courses (day)


1 block


Meetings with supervisor.
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Teaching and learning methods

Individual project with a supervisor.


No limitation




See Absalon.


Category Hours
Exam 1
Project work 176
Guidance 10
Preparation 19
English 206


Type of assessment

Written assignment
Oral examination, 60 min. (no preparation)
Written assignment, min. 2000 words (2/3 of final grade)
- Ongoing preparation throughout the course with submission at the end of the course.
Oral examination (1/3 of final grade)

Marking scale

7-point grading scale

Criteria for exam assessment

In order to achieve the grade 12 the student must

  • Complete a project in bioinformatics, which adresses an important problem and presents a solution, or a partial solution, at an adequate level.
  • Identify relevant literature and understand the parts relevant for their project.
  • Write a scientifically precise report, which motivates their work, clearly presents the background, presents the methods and results of the work without errors, discusses the implications of the results and draws scientifically sound conclusions based on the work.
  • Present the work in a clear and scientifically satisfactory way, including motivation, methods, results, main achievements and future outlook.
  • Answer questions about any part of the project in reasonable depth and explain the core methods and results of the project in great detail.
  • Put the work in context and discuss possible future directions of research in the area and judge the relevance of such work.

Censorship form

No external censorship
Several internal examiners


Same as ordinary exam.

Students must pass both exams to pass the overall exam. The passed part of the exam may be reused in a reexam.

If the written assignment is not passed it may be revised and submitted no later than two weeks before the reexam.

If the written assignment is not submitted witin the deadline it must be submitted no later than two weeks before the reexam.

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