CANCELED, REL, Muslim marriage laws, customs and rituals as seen from a Danish perspective


The course will be divided into two parts: Theoretical and Practical.

The theoretical part will provide firstly, an introductory knowledge of Muslim marriage laws, rituals and customs (for example what is marriage in Islam, age and consent, witnesses, prohibited relations to marriage and many more aspects) . Participants will get to know various perspectives and interpretations generally separated into conservative and liberal practices. The second part will provide basic knowledge about research methodology and how empirical investigation should be conducted.

The practical part of the course will be collection of empirical data from refugees with Muslim backgrounds who have arrived to Denmark within last five years. The participant’s own personal and social networks have to be used to find appropriate interviewees.

The course requires creative thinking, as interviewing refugees from a variety of ethnic backgrounds is a crucial part of the course; some linguistic capabilities will be an advantage, but not a prerequisite for participating in the course.


Engelsk titel

CANCELED, REL, Muslim marriage laws, customs and rituals as seen from a Danish perspective


BA-studieordning for det centrale fag i Religionsvidenskab, 2010

KA- studieordning i Religionshistorie, 2008

KA-studieordning i Religionssociologi, 2008


BA 2010-studieordning:
BA-projekt (fagelementkode HREB00351E)

KA Religionshistorie 2008-studieordning:
Speciel Religionshistorie valgfag A (fagelementkode HRHK03661E )
Speciel Religionshistorie valgfag B (fagelementkode HRHK03671E )

KA Religionssociologi 2008-studieordning:
Særligt studeret område 1 (HRSK03431E)
Særligt studeret område 2 (HRSK03491E)
Særlig studeret område: religion og politik: (fagelementkode HRSK03441E)
Særlig studeret område: Regional religionssociologi (fagelementkode HRSK03481E)
Gymnasierettet Særligt studeret område 2 (fagelementkode HRSK03491E)
Gymnasierettet Særligt studeret område: Regional religionssociologi (HRSK03481E)

Tværkulturelle studier:
Regional specialisering (ikke-konstituerende og tilvalg) (Fagelementkode HTÆK03211E)
Aktuel tematisk problemstilling (obligatorisk og konstituerende) (fagelementkode HTÆK03141E


Working lab, where the students develop themes related to traditional Islamic family law in Denmark. The students participate in collection of data.

Information will be available on the course homepage

BA i kulturvidenskabeligt/​humanistisk fag eller i jura

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