CANCELED English - Free topic 1: Oral Communication in a Foreign Language – Cognitive and Sociopragmatic Processes

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What goes on when we try to speak in a foreign language? How do we construct our speech? How do we make ourselves comprehensible to others? How do we understand speech in a foreign language? This course will try to answer these questions by focusing on cognitive and socio-pragmatic aspects of oral communication. In other words, we will discuss different cognitive models underlying production and comprehension of speech in a foreign language and their use to identify levels of automaticity, fluency, and proficiency. To understand oral communication in a foreign language, we also need to consider the effects of accent, intelligibility, comprehensibility, appropriateness, and attitude. Finally, we will discuss the pedagogical implications of the different cognitive and socio-pragmatic theoretical models and research findings.

The list of essential reading will be available 4 weeks before the course starts.

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