CIP - Academic English


This course is intended for all international and ordinary Danish BA-students from across the University of Copenhagen.

On completion of this integrated skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) course in English for Academic Purposes, students should be able to comprehend and produce general and academic English approaching the C1-level as defined in the Common European Framework of Reference ( CEFR). Students will develop process writing skills and oral presentation skills, which will enable them to successfully negotiate their courses and exams in English-medium university level courses.


As a seminar-style course with interactive class discussions and peer review of both oral and written activities, the course takes its point of departure in the needs of the individual student. During the course, students are required to hand in written work representative of the subjects they study as well as writ-ten work in general English (e.g. journal entries). Students are also expected to give academic presentations in their own field of study.

Success on the course will require completion of some required reading, but students are also expected to draw on readings in their own disciplines to complete individual assignments.

Active participation is expected in the course, and students are expected to complete all written and oral assignments as well as sit for the exam. It is extremely important that the students attend the first two lessons in which important information about the content and structure of the course is covered. Basic concepts that are fundamental to academic English are also introduced.

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CIP - Academic English


Only bachelor students can apply for the course. Full-degree students and MA students cannot take this course and are referred to the courses Academic writing for graduate students and Presentation techniques for graduate students.
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Mundtlig prøve
Oral exam (presentation), set subject, with material (portfolio) and with class participation which is to be understood as a written portfolio of work based on process writing and an oral presentation. Graded according to 7-point scale.
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